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    The Wicked Margarita

    Some of us happen to be big margarita fans, especially ones made with smoky mezcal. So we crafted this wicked marg ✨.  And for an extra boost you can totally add the water-soluble Nano CBD tincture, but for this version...

    Nano vs Wedges

    We received some questions about the similarities and differences between our two types of Nano-based CBD products so we’re here to break it down for you. But first, if you have randomly stumbled here, let us explain what Nano CBD...

    Wicked Wedges

    Wicked potent. Wicked good. Introducing Wicked Wedges™. We worked with a super talented formulation team to craft these one of a kind Nano CBD products. And after many months of extensive R&D they’re finally here!  Inspired by our favorite libations, wickedly...

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